Kabkab Dates

Kabkab Dates

This type is considered as a semi-dried date, and is long and soft with a dark brown color. It is also sweet, very delicious and full of syrup. This Date is grown in Bushehr and Fars region of Iran.

  • Anemia Curement

Dates contain a large amount of Iron which are considered to be a great remedy for Iron deficiency.

  • Diarrhea Treatment

Dates contain Potassium which help to treat Diarrhea as they can manage the looseness of intestine.

  • Bone Health Improvement

Dates contain minerals like magnesium, selenium, and copper which greatly help to strengthen the bones. They also contribute in curing osteoporosis disease.

  • Nervous System Maintenance

Vitamins in Dates are a great source for boosting the functionality of nervous system.

  • Allergies treatment

Dates include organic sulfur which is beneficial for reduction of allergic reactions and is hardly found in other foods.

  • Dental Health Improvement

Dates include fluorine which is an important item and by removing plaques it help to prevent tooth decay and it also strengthen the tooth enamel.

  • Heart Health Improvement

Potassium has shown to contribute in reduction of heart diseases and strokes which is greatly found in Dates. Heart disease prevention happens by reducing LDL in the body.

  • Skin Improvement

Vitamin C and flavonoids can improve the elasticity of the skin; therefore, help the skin to have a smooth texture and Dates contain a great amount of these.

  • Hair Health Improvement

Dates are a great source of Vitamins specifically Vitamin B5 which is very important for maintaining healthy hair. Date consumption can reduce hair loss by preventing the deficiency of Vitamin B5.