Kariman Palm Cluster Consortium

Kerman Province Date Export Consortium in the form of Kariman Nakhl Cluster Export Development Company in 2016, consisting of four strong refrigerators in Bam city with the help of its development agent in Bam city with the aim of processing and packaging dates and other dried fruit items and creating a single brand Reliable for domestic and foreign consumers was established in Bam city with the aim of long-term export. The founders of this company have set their main goal to provide the best services for fully standardized processing, updated packaging according to consumers and to offer this valuable product in the best possible way to its customers all over the world. Khushan Nakhl Kariman Company is one of the largest suppliers and exporters of dates in different packages according to the target country. The main brand of this company, Karin brand, is one of the most famous date brands in Iran. High supply capacity, flexibility and different packaging based on customer needs and standard quality of date production has made us one of the largest suppliers of chain stores in different countries.

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